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Extraction by single or dual auger screw is very useful for medium-flow products.
MORILLON expertise ensures the definition and perfect design of its auger screws (input section, number of screws, diameter, spiral shape).

Flow rate : up to 200 m3/h
Special modifications :
Stainless steel version 304L/316L
Orientable screws
Transport of special products : ice flakes, wet sludge, etc.
Extraction screws (multiple screws)

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morillon screw conveyor

morillon bulk loading
MORILLON is your unique provider for the design of complete turnkey subassemblies, including storage, extraction and the handling of powdery products.
The experience acquired over some 150 years gives our engineers and technicians a thorough knowledge of very many products and enables them to come up with the solution best suited to your project.
morillon Turnkey
FLUFF storage and handling
  (powder distributor)

morillon “Movibin” turning plate
Collaboration between MORILLON and LES TALCS de LUZENAC.

The MORILLON Distripoudre incorporates simply and economically products such as gluten or talc into a manufacturing process.
Its manually-operated control valve ensures even flow rates over a range going from 4 to 850 kg/hour.
morillon distripoudre
  turning plate

morillon distripoudre
Collaboration between MORILLON and IMEF / JOHNSON. (European leader in the refrigeration industry)

Unit including the storage and extraction function for limited volumes.
Enables controlled storage and extraction.
(dosing/pre-dosing) of light powdery products.

Storage volume: 4m3
Extraction rate: 15 m3/h
Maximum silo diameter : 1.9m
morillon movibin