MORILLON, silo unloading systems expert

You could appreciate our famous SPIROGYRE sweep auger and our brand new HYDRACONE. Designed for your hopper silos, this discharger allows you to unload heavy or light products, powdery or fibrous, dry or sticky.
Morillon VICTAM 2019
With our HYDRACONE unloader your silos become flexible.

Thanks again for your trust!

See you in next VICTAM fair in Bangkok – Thailand in 2020.
VRAC TECH EXPO MACON France 16 -18 OCTOBRE 2018 - Morillon System
MORILLON was exhibitor in VRAC TECH SHOW in Le mans (France) from 1st to 3rd October 2019.
MORILLON always at the cutting edge of innovation, introduced the visitors with its hydraulic unloader for hopper silos : the HYDRACONE
This HYDRACONE allows a controlled discharge and reduces the risk of product bridging in the silo.

L’HYDRACONE permet une vidange contrôlée de votre silo et réduit fortement le risque de voutage du produit. For more technical information, please contact our commercial team +33 2 41 56 50 14 or or contact-us
Morillon Systems - LIGNA 2019
Many of you visited us during LIGNA exhibition in Hannover from 27th to May 2019, and we thank you for that. This show has become a must for the wood industry and for all those who want to recycle wood or biomass waste. MORILLON is taking part in this transformation by proposing its HYDRASCREWS unloaders to empty silos containing wood waste, chips, chips, pellets or biomass. Thank you again for your visit and your trust.
For the second year in a row, Morillon participated in the FENAGRA fair from May 15 to 16 in Campinas-SP. It was a great opportunity to meet our partners and customers and to introduce our equipment to new contacts.
Morillon FENAGRA 2019 Brésil
The increasing demands for quality and hygiene of raw materials used in the animal feed manufacturing process go hand in hand with Morillon silo unloading automation solutions. The public has been very interested in innovative solutions presented on our booth. We also took the opportunity to talk about the creation and implementation of the Brazilian subsidiary of Morillon in the city of Maringá-PR in Brazil.
MORILLON was exhibitor during the GEAPS Expo in New Orleans (USA) from 10 to 12 March, 2019.
We warmly thank all the attendees who came to visit our stand.
Morillon Systems - GEAPS 2019
You had the opportunity to discover our new Hydracone equipment designed to unload hopper silos.
With MORILLON SYSTEMS your conical bottom silo becomes flexible. You can store all products.