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Founded in 1865, my family is dedicated to MORILLON's ongoing development.

6 key steps follow one another.
I invite you to find out about them.

photo portrait laurent morillon
  • Atelier MORILLON 1920-en

    The MORILLON workshops, the 1920’s

  • théodore morillon-en

    Théodore MORILLON, the founder, 1865

  • Document administratif 1913 -en

    Administrative documents, 1913

  • Bureau administratif 1920-en

    MORILLON administrative office, the 1920’s

  • Atelier MORILLON 1920 -en

    The MORILLON workshops, the 1920’s

  • Equipe MORILLON 1930-en

    The MORILLON Team, the 1930’s

  • La sauterelle SPIROGYRE-en

    The SPIROGYRE “Sauterelle” (belt conveyor), the 1950’s

  • Foire agricole 1950-en

    Agricultural show, 1950

  • 1ère exploitation de vis MORILLON-en

    1st MORILLON augur screw operation, (Senegal, Dakar), the 1950’s

  • Foire agricole 1960-en

    Agricultural show, 1960

  • Document commercial 1960-en

    Sales documentation, 1960

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • Théodore MORILLON-en

    Théodore MORILLON

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979 2-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979 3-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • journées TECHDAYS-en

    TECH Days, 2010

  • journées TECHDAYS 2-en

    TECH Days, 2010

  • Equipes MORILLON-en

    MORILLON Teams, 2014

The fifth generation did not include Théodore, and it was Laurent, the fourth child in the family, who was to take the company into the 21st century.
Back, as it were, to basics, it was first at the French School of Milling that Laurent discovered the world of MORILLON’s customers. At the same time, the first MORILLON extractors were beginning to spread the name of Morillon throughout France, and even on the international scene.
It was at Veghel, in the Netherlands, that MORILLON’s first important product was installed, in the largest Animal feed factory in Europe at that time (CEHAVE). With his father, Laurent reaped the benefit of the experience of the first MORILLON representatives in Europe, Mr Van Dugteren in the Netherlands and Mr Paleologos in Greece. The Route du May plant had gone computerized in 1984 with the purchase of a WANG microcomputer to manage the parts lists and the introductory ranges.
With the help of an internationally-oriented development firm, MORILLON gradually built up its marketing network, mainly in England, Italy and Germany.
At the beginning of the 1990’s, MITSUBISHI France recognized MORILLON’s experience and expertise and requested an initial presentation in Japan. Its success was immediate, and some thirty extractors were soon installed in the Japanese vegetable oil factories.
In 1984, when Laurent joined the company, he was the only person able to conduct a conversation in English. Today, over a third of MORILLON’s personnel speak English, a sign of the major changes at MORILLON during this latter period.
In 2005, a dozen personnel played a leading part in enhancing MORILLON’s reputation both in Europe and worldwide.