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Morillon exhibited a bin sweeper and unloader, both developed to empty flat bottom silos at the VICTAM ASIA show
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The MORILLON sweep auger is designed to pick up the remains of products offering good gravity flow (wheat, maize, barley, grains, granules, etc.) in flat bottomed silos. It starts up once the gravity flow has completely finished and ends emptying at a rotation of 360ºinside the silo.

What is the purpose of the Hydrascrew ?
The HYDRASCREW system allows to unload difficult to flow materials, that are heavy or light, powdery or fibrous, dry or damp, and that do not easily flow by natural means.

Discover how Hydraugyre works in a flat bottom silo

A very large number of industries use products handled and stored in bulk. Because of the endless diversity of these products, their storage poses a serious problem. Different approaches are possible, but they are not all equally effective. To ensure good results, the various solutions require very careful study. Découvrez-les ici

Averagely difficult flow products, dry and somewhat light, no caking effect. Typical products Flour, starch, cereal dust, dry sawdust, crushed plastic Advantages Very easy operation and use
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